Our product is e-Suvidha.Mainly our product contains following modules.


This project is to automate the system of Billing and Taxation in Nagar Nigam as well as Nagar Palika Parishad. House Tax, Water Tax, Water Charge, Shop Rent, Shop Tax. These are some of the billing and taxation item which has to be maintained in Nagar Palika and Nagar Nigam. Our software is fully capable to automate the system of billing and taxation. The software is capable to generate bill for every customer, Receipt the amount for the given bill, Create a demand register for the receipt as well as due amount and finally produce a defaulter list (the people who did not pay their bill).


The project entitled PERSONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM is used to maintain the personal information of each and every type of employee in the company. The information include Employee personal information, Employee Educational Information, Employee Physical Information, Employee Retirement information etc.


The Project entitled ACCOUNTING SYSTEM. This project automates the process of accounting in Nagar Palika and Nagar Nigam. This project maintains the daily opening and closing balance etc.

Public Grievance

The Project Entitled Public Grievance. It is a web based application developed for the people living in the area of Nagar Nigam / Nagar Palika. Here any person can register their complaint if he has any grievance against Nagar Nigam / Nagar Palika,also they can see their Complaint status.

Death Birth

It is windows based applications specially developed for the local bodies of Utter Pradesh.Here in this project people can registered the information for death / birth certificate . This software can maintain MIS.


This Software maintain the employee record,employee salary, loan status,leave status, fund record and many more attributes that lies under such applications